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The most effective personal development techniques on the planet, customized to bring out your best as a footballer. Get the mindset of world class players and unleash your inner soccer star.


Every technique in The Galactico Method is based on the philosophy of a legendary player or manager*.

*The players featured are in no way connected to, or endorsing, The Galactico Method.


10 video presentations on how to realize your potential as a player from fully qualified Personal Performance Coach, Chris Nolan.


Unique soccer psychology tools, including a high performance audiobook that will activate your unconscious genius as a player.


The Galactico Method features original cartoon characters, stunning match images, and is fully responsive on all screen sizes

Players looking to be more successful can easily spend hundreds of dollars on personal trainers, food supplements, sports psychologists, dieticians, unused gym facilities, performance enhancing drugs, and more.

By empowering you from within, The Galactico Method gives you everything you need to realize your potential as a player, risk free – and all for only $89 (save over 40% off the regular price).



Upgrade and gain access to our team of experts: a fully qualified coach will guide you through sticking points and answer any questions you have.


The techniques in The Galactico Method will quickly take your game to the next level – and have a positive impact on all other areas of your life.


Break through self-imposed limitations to develop your true potential as a footballer and achieve more than you may have thought was possible.

What People Think About Us

Eason, U.S.A.
‘ Anyone who plays football can relate to The Galactico Method. It’s to the point, thought provoking - and most importantly it makes you a better player. ’
Kris, Scotland
‘ The Galactico Method was my first taste of life coaching and I was sceptical to begin with but it won me over fast. It helps you to recognise the flaws of your mindset and then correct them. ’
Ben, England
‘ The greatest players have a mental toughness. And that’s what The Galactico Method gives you. ’
Luigi, Italy
‘ The assignments in The Galactico Method are simple but they have a huge impact. My self-belief as a player has never been higher. ’
Al, Denmark
‘ The Galactico Method showed me that how you think affects how you play in a profound way. ’

Why I Created This Course

From: Chris Nolan, Creator of The Galactico Method

If you’re like me then you love playing football.

But whatever level you’re at, improving is tough. Amateurs and Champions League stars alike have to deal with mistakes, inconsistency, criticism and difficult teammates - and that’s just for starters.

I started to research how the greatest players made it to the top. And it soon became clear that it was down to their mindset: their focus, their self-belief, their vision, how they reacted to setbacks, what they told themselves, and so on. 

Now, I’ve been studying personal development for over 20 years - and I realized that I had the techniques which, if I adapted them to playing football, could install these qualities and create a Galactico state of mind.

So, that’s exactly what I did!

After applying the new tools, my own game went over the top: I went from messing around with friends in the park to being a first choice midfielder for clubs in England, Australia and Scotland. I had the fitness, confidence and skills I’d always wanted, and I enjoyed playing like never before.

I took my soccer playing clients through the process and watched beginners play with composure and create game-changing moments; I saw experienced players overcome nerves to dictate matches and I saw maestros stuck in ruts smash through them to reach new levels of excellence.

Because they had gotten their mindsets right, they became unstoppable.

These unique techniques are available to you now in The Galactico Method. If you’re ready to go beyond self-imposed limitations and develop your true potential as a player, then I guarantee it’s going to be one of the best investments you ever make.

The techniques in The Galactico Method are taught by the leaders in the personal development field, at seminars costing thousands of dollars.

If you have the self-discipline to apply them to your game, you will install the winning mindset of legendary players and unleash your inner soccer star – all for only $89 (limited time offer).



The most effective psychology techniques on the planet, customized to bring out your best as a footballer.


Quotes, advice and insights from some of the greatest players in the world today.


Unique and exclusive tools that will activate your unconscious genius as a player.


Train your mind to become the best player you can be.

Lifetime access is only $159


This is a one-time investment. There are no recurring or hidden fees.

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